Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoot the Owl mittens says "Happy New Year!"

Yes, Happy New Year to all!! It was a much-too-short holiday break for me; I can't really recall every detail, but it was lovely to be off work for 4 weeks and have my daughter home from college! Now she's back to school, I'm back to work, and the snow is falling along with the thermometer.

I have started another pair of the Hoot the Owl mittens, this time in a pretty red-purple and dove gray. Or is it really pale blue? It's pleasing, so there!

I've also had to re-start my Norah Gaughan sweater...I had actually FINISHED the Chantal sweater from Vol. 1 (Berroco) a week ago Sunday, but it was horribly HUGE, so after pouting about it for 3 days, I ripped it all out. I've now nearly completed the back again, in a MUCH smaller size! Oh well, there is no way I'm wasting this lovely alpaca yarn!

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