Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitted Neck Warmer

So I purchased some pretty pink variegated yarn at Tiny Canary, which is a cool indie craft fair held in December here in Columbus, and then I rediscovered some nice green yarn that my mom had handspun for me. I played with some coordinating solids in Galway and Cascade, and tried to figure out what I could make with it all. I only had about 95 yards of the pink handspun.

After a half dozen starts and frogs, I came up with a little knitted neckwarmer! Now that my hair is as short as I like it, my neck gets chilly, even when the temp is up! I also wanted something more pastel for spring, and not too long or bulky.

I opted to use just the handspun, because it's a small piece and I didn't want a lot of ends to weave in. I did have a teeny bit of the pink leftover, so I used that, the green handspun, and some of the light pink chunky Galway to knit a bowl that will be felted/fulled in the washing machine. In these colors, it will look pretty with Easter eggs in it!

After I got this knitted up, I needed a button, so again I went to my stash, and found some cool big buttons in funky patterns and colors. They were 3 to a card, I think my daughter or mom gave them to me for Christmas last year or the year before. Anyway, I just sewed the button on, and pushed it through one of the lacey holes in the scarf. I can't wait to wear it out!

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