Saturday, February 7, 2009

Red Panty Clothing at Monkey's Retreat!

Tonight was the first Saturday of the month, which means Gallery Hop in the Short North area of Columbus....and a party at Monkey's Retreat, which is now featuring Red Panty clothing!! Yay!
Michelle of Starfish Clothing (see the cool screen printed tees?)invited me to share some of her space in the back of the store, so now there are Red Panty clothes in the Short North!

Here I am on the left, in the Green Tea Sweater, Robbie of Monkey's Retreat is in the center, and Michelle of Starfish Clothing is on the right, see her cute little skirt with the tree on it??

Michelle's 15 year old son Cole and his group, Crabfeather, provided the awesome jazz music....Cole plays the bass. They were VERY good!

Michelle and I did the front window display on Monday earlier this week, that's my pink sweater over Michelle's cute shirt and skirt, and that's a Red Panty pin on a Starfish hat!

That's my thrift store Red Panty sign; it was originally just black and white, but my daughter did a paint wash to turn the panties red....I think it was karma, the sign looks so much like my labels!

I am just really excited to have a new venue; I hope we do well!

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knitting-cat said...

Congrats...hope that you do well.