Friday, January 30, 2009

Design sketches for Recycled Clothing

In December I wrote of my experience with the application process for the Ohio Arts Council, and how although my application was not successful, I did get a lot of wonderful feedback and suggestions that have encouraged me and refueled my spirit.

At the actual panel review, I took copious notes and actually sketched a few ideas. I thought I'd share them here, see what you think!

I concentrate on linen fabrics, and when I deconstruct all the thrift shop finds, I've been saving all the labels and buttons in ziplock bags. I wasn't sure why, but I think I'd like to incorporate them into some new pieces.

I also save all the details like cuffs and pockets, again, I'm not sure why, but maybe I was just waiting for the AHA! moment to kick in!

I absolutely cannot wait to start sewing up a new Spring Collection; I'm going to get started!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Kitty in the House!

Three weeks ago, my hubby brought home a new kitty....of course, it was a bit of a shock since he didn't discuss it with me first, but hey, we already have one cat, why not another?

Anyway, Spook joined us: he's a BIG black tom, with a teeny white chin, a white french manicure on his front paws, and white socks on the back paws. After a bit of sniffing and posturing, Snapple and Spook have a sort of detente going. Snapple chases Spook, Spook chases Snapple, it's all good!

One cute incident: Spook did come up to Snapple, and started licking her head! Snapple loved it for about 5 minutes, then the swatting ensued!

Friday, January 23, 2009

One World One Heart GIVEAWAY!!

Yep, that's right, a GIVEAWAY!! Right Here on the blog!

I have joined the One World One Heart giveway, which is currently up to over 430 participants! [Update: 911 participants! Holy Wow!!] Blogs from all over the world, each sponsoring a FREE Giveaway and all you have to do to win is leave a comment on the participating blogs! and let me tell you, some of the items are AMAZING!!

So what am I, Redpantycrafts, giving away?? Well, I'll tell you! I have finished the new Hoot the Owls mittens, (although I haven't photographed them yet, I will this weekend!) and am giving them away! Now I will tell you, they are quite sweet, even though I DID run out of the purple yarn right at the tip of the second mitten. So the thumbs are in a slightly different purple, but they are still warm, cozy, hand knitted by yours truly, and hopefully you will not be disappointed! UPDATE: They're finished!! Yay! So hurry and leave a comment, you might win!
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post! You don't even have to write a blog of your own. But please, DO include your email if you do not have a reply-to blog, because otherwise, how will I let you know if you've won??

Minutia: DEADLINE to leave a comment is MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time (in the US) on February 11th.
I will draw a name and post the winner on February 12th. Good Luck!

And the winner is Jeri at LampworkBeads!! Yay!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Dresses on Little Forms

I belong to the Women's City Club, which runs a very low-cost women's boarding house here. The Club is decorating some tables for the upcoming Chamber of Commerce dinner (cause they help us!) and the theme is based on one of the Club's fundraisers, which is a princess tea for little girls!

So, I was given 2 resin dressforms, and some purple fabric....and this is what I came up with! Everyone brought them to the monthly dinner meeting last evening, and perched them on the fireplace mantle. I think they're cute!

That sparkly trim is actually some old Christmas garland, maybe 1/2" wide, that's wired. It was intended for the miniature trees. I actually had it in a box to go to charity, but I haven't taken it yet....voila!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoot the Owl mittens says "Happy New Year!"

Yes, Happy New Year to all!! It was a much-too-short holiday break for me; I can't really recall every detail, but it was lovely to be off work for 4 weeks and have my daughter home from college! Now she's back to school, I'm back to work, and the snow is falling along with the thermometer.

I have started another pair of the Hoot the Owl mittens, this time in a pretty red-purple and dove gray. Or is it really pale blue? It's pleasing, so there!

I've also had to re-start my Norah Gaughan sweater...I had actually FINISHED the Chantal sweater from Vol. 1 (Berroco) a week ago Sunday, but it was horribly HUGE, so after pouting about it for 3 days, I ripped it all out. I've now nearly completed the back again, in a MUCH smaller size! Oh well, there is no way I'm wasting this lovely alpaca yarn!