Monday, September 20, 2010

Stage Fright

I'm getting a wee bit nervous...I'm giving a little "Gallery Talk" for the closing of my art quilt exhibit here on campus.

I like to think that my quilts each express themselves pretty well, and don't really need further explanation. I did add a few statements on the wall, giving more information on a few of the series that I did.

Many of the quilts in this particular exhibit are rather dark, expressing some intimate feelings that I won't often admit to. So, how do I discuss things I don't want to discuss?

I'm thinking I'll talk a bit about process, more about actual technique and form. I think the technique of using fabric is something different enough, I'll be able to draw attention away from my thought process and keep things focusing on the "how", rather than the "why"!

I mean, does the viewer really need to know that part of my thoughts about the Valentine series comes from the fact that I like to read paranormal, vampire romance novels? I don't think so!

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