Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quick time out for a Quick How-To

In the midst of getting ready for the Go Green with Red Panties! Truck show (I love saying that!) I am also going thru my supplies of tags and such, and have reached a decision: I will try to use recycled tags at least 90% of the time, instead of constantly purchasing little plastic boxes of blank, pre-strung ones.

The reason is mostly selfish, I admit: It's not that they're expensive, it's that I'm constantly misplacing them and having to buy another package. When I don't need them, I find 3 boxes in my studio. When I'm in a rush and looking for them, they are nowhere to be found.

Lately I've been buying attractive little tissue boxes for my desk at work; I love the patterns, they're cheerful. So, I'm using these empty boxes to create new price tags for all my work, whether it be clothing, tote bags, Ghost Kitties, or holiday gift tags.

Just cut them out, punch a hole, string a ribbon and voila! Scraps get recycled, I get practically free tags!