Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trunk Show was a Smashing Success!!

Well, the Trunk Show was standing room only! What a wonderful evening...the models were all fabulous, the crowd was amazing. The only thing I regret is that it went so fast!

We had 30 folding chairs set up (RED of course!) as well as a few extra seats, but the place was jam packed with at least 50 audience members!! Shout out to my friends Tina and her mom Sylvia, Lynn Exline, Julia, Linda from Corner Framing in Delaware (the other location to find Red Panty Clothing) and my mom & dad. My brother Steve was on sound, and wow, there were just so many people there!

I only got a few shots of the backstage area myself; if we do this again, we need a model wrangler!! Also, a longer catwalk; they were out and back to change into their second "look" so fast, there was barely enough time to get them back out on the runway.

There is a little video on Go Figure Consignment's Facebook Page, with the very end where all the models come back out, and then yours truly for a little curtain call.

Sherri and I would really like to do this again, maybe as early as next spring, but oh my, we'll need a bigger venue! It was a wonderful experience, though!

I'll have to upload photos later...!

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