Monday, March 16, 2015

The ice dam has broken...New Artwork! (a little morality tale)

One week from today, I'll be hanging a little show of my work in the basement of Otterbein's library. I so wanted to have all new work to hang, although I certainly have more than enough already to have a nice selection.

I tried to make the little houses piece work; I thought about it, I fussed about it, I dreamt about it. This morning, I did embroider the moon....

....but I finally realized why I can't finish it right now. Too dark, to Halloween-y! That's not where I am, especially today, the first lovely day of the year, temps up to the 60's, not sunny, but not rainy. So, I decided to let Mr. Moon rest for awhile, til I feel more like fall, and start something else.

Success! Two little pieces halfway finished, one of wisteria and one of cherry blossoms. They're each about 21" tall x 10" wide.

I've decided to make a much larger piece as a companion, with flowers in it. Foxglove, maybe coneflowers, maybe lavendar. I can decide tomorrow. But as I watched the news showing photos of the Ohio River cresting and beginning to recede, I feel the same way, that dam of frozen ideas has finally given way to some warm, flowing inspiration!

What is the moral of this story? Don't force it. Don't try to jump and stomp on the debris blocking your flow....just relax. Put it away. Give yourself permission to go in a completely different direction, one that is open and unimpeded by expectations or the baggage we bring. You'll find your way back by coming at it from another side, later, when you're ready. In the meantime, you can still find joy and create beauty in other ways!

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