Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Red Panties on Parade

The show is UP and looking....okay, I guess. Artwork that I "pin", or admire, or really, really like is so much better than mine. I feel mine is rather cartoony, which isn't a bad description considering my life is very much like the Simpsons! But, it IS mine, and for what it's worth, it's on display at the bottom of the stairwell in Courtright Library at Otterbein!

I was happy to get the Panty quilts out in public again, it's been awhile!

I do feel happy with this particular piece, Watch What You Say. The shiny bits are the inside of a chip bag. The open mouth is printed on vellum, and the old diagram lines connect to my sewn lines leading to the words "hate" and "lies", which have the big red "NOT" circles on them. Click on the photo to see it more clearly.

Lots of other words on this one, too....."mirror, mirror"; "mind your tongue"; "do you like what you see?".

I also finished the central piece in this grouping...I don't consider them a triptych, but they hang together nicely. "Redbuds" because I love them in the spring!

There will be a little reception on Sunday, April 19th 2-4pm, so if you're around, stop by! The show will be up until the middle or end of June.


Trista Hill said...

WONDERFUL, Tammy! I love this "show" and the combination of older and newish work!

Susan said...

Well worth the trip to Westerville!