Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My apologies!!

I don't know WHERE the time has gone! So many, many events in the family, but the bottom line is, I've neglected the blog!


I finally finished the Spirit House quilt! Here's some photos, although since it was taken, I have gone in and added 3 more little houses on the hill, just to really finish it out. I wrote the haiku myself, and when I finally decided on the hands, it all came together really quickly. I'm very pleased with the results.

I've had fun at some craft shows, and whipped up some little monster pouches from recycled thrift shop sweaters. Zippers for mouths, buttons for eyes....they are so funny to play with!

I've been getting rid of all the Red Panty clothing, and have stopped sewing up any new cashmere kitties....I feel the need to change directions. I'm not sure if I'll still make clothing to sell: I'm still looking inside myself, figuring out where I need to go from here.

I've been winnowing out the Art Barn, because it's becoming quite the dumping ground...between moving Dear Daughter home this summer after graduate school, friends making "donations" of various items, accumulating vast amounts of supplies, whatever, it's just TIME to clean it up! I looked at photos of the Art Barn, after I finally got it all fixed up and situated, and I long to return to that state of cleanliness! So that's my goal, to get it finished by New Year's.

What's YOUR end-of-the-year resolution?

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