Friday, February 1, 2008

and yet More Panties!

Oh yes, there are more! This is the latest in the panty series, featuring a photo I took in Italy, when I was hanging my laundry to dry in the window of the beautiful villa we stayed at in Florence. The socks belonged to one of my roomies. This is titled "What's Italian for Panties?". Because that's exactly what I asked our Deacon at church after a service last year. He's a doll baby, from Italy, and he went on the trip with the youth group. Thank goodness he was there! Anyway, as part of the text stitched into the quilt, the correct phrase, according to Deacon Felice, is "mutadine da donna"

I didn't mention it, but when I exhibited the first 3 quilts (shown in the last post), the reactions were great. Men pulled me aside, asking "what.....?" Men are almost afraid of panties, did you know that? They're fascinated and transfixed! Women pulled me aside to tell me their own panty stories, which has led to another whole series of Red Panty Stories quilts. These tend to be rather sad stories, about discarded and abandoned underwear, rather than the affirming messages from the Panties of Power quilts. I designed a logo that I have silkscreened onto T-shirts, one that says Panties of Power, one for the Red Panty Stories. Very few, very special limited edition. I'm still collecting these stories; have any to share?


Jane Doe Jenn said...

Hi, it's Jennifer from the Scavenger hunt swap. I'm trying to check out everyone's blogs. Your life sounds very interesting to me, although I'm not very familiar with the 'red panties' stories. I'll have to read on to find out what it's all about.

Hope you are having fun on the swap!

Sharon Rose said...

Panties of Power!!! You are SO awesome!!! I must have one of your quilts!