Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For the curious....

Maybe you have asked yourself, "Self, why does she call it Red Panty Designs?" Why red panties?

Well, I'll tell the short version: In a stressful moment at the museum, involving a nasty, hateful woman and an annoying boss, I decided I didn't have to take it anymore, because I was wearing my red panties, and it takes a strong, confident woman to wear red panties. My mother would never have worn red, that was dirty and sinful. So I created the first quilt (see my avatar!) in honor of those women who preceded me, and only wore nice, white underwear. Then I created this quilt, "Brick Wall", for my daughter, to remind her to be strong and confident at all times. It is hard to capture in a photo, but there is an outline of a torso and legs stitched in red metallic threads, which phrases affirming my hopes that she will grow into a woman who knows her own worth and respects herself.

The other piece I did at that time was "Hot Flash", featuring flaming panties, because, well, if you are of an age, you know what that means!

These quilts are from the Panties of Power series. I actually have t-shirt that I silkscreened, with the logo!


Sharon Rose said...

Fantastic!!! I'm totally in love with you now. :)
Needlegrrl on the Rav.

kasiaiscarly said...

how cool.