Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love to perform, hate to rehearse!

It's Tuesday, which means rehearsal. I hate to practice, always have. I can clearly remember taking piano lessons at age 5, and trying to fake my way thru because I didn't practice the week before!

I'm practicing this evening with a folk-ie, pop-ish, modern group. This isn't so bad, I'm just the back-up singer. That's always fun, a lot less pressure on me. I sing every weekend at church, and when I'm up front I do have to behave.

I also sing a little with Honk, Wail and Moan, a FAB jazz group influenced by Sun Ra and Charles Mingus. They write over 50% of their sets, then do great renditions of classics. The bass player (behind me singing) was part of the trio that won the International Blues competition last year in Memphis! He's got wicked licks! He plays acoutic bass normally, this pic is from a Tom Waits-a-thon where 12 different bands all did a 3-song set of Waits tunes. We totally rocked it, with the largest band, and the only one with girls!

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