Friday, January 25, 2008

Venting with my venti.....

Apparently there is a Big, fat, cosmic Bull's eye on me, my car, my life! This has been an interesting week, to say the least!

Wednesday, my car gets rear-ended as I'm coming home from work, in nearly the same spot that I myself hit someone 6 months ago! At least this time, I don't have to pay for it! But of course, my lower back, which had been twinging for 4 days, is now fully out and bothering me. And no, I didn't tell the woman's insurance company, because really, I can still work, I have no intention of treating it with anything other than Ibuprofen. I cannot exaggerate like that and live with my conscience.

Thursday, my student minion who works the evening shift was late, which meant that I was picking my teenager up from school instead of my hubby. Needed gas, so stopped on the way home. Voila! The car won't start back up! Not 7 days ago, I asked said hubby if we'd ever replaced the battery, because the car really had been whining in the cold lately. So hubby arrives, jumps the battery, and replaces it. (original, 7 year old battery!)

So I stay up til midnight finishing the costumes for teenager's character in the play. My own fault for procrastinating, but it's not helped by the fact that I made the mistake of reading the pattern instructions, which over the last few years I SWEAR are written by 6 year old russian speaking natives who have never sewn in their lives! I'm picking out seams that I shouldn't have sewn together. But the costumes are done, I go to bed with the kitty, leaving hubby snoring at the TV, only to wake 2 hours later cursing the fact that I'd had too much dairy, apparently. So I wake at my usual 6am feeling less than perky!

This morning, I've got to shower and dress up, because there's a reception here at the museum for the newly hired President & his family, and I do not have the same luxury as my boss, who will go home & change just before. As I exit the shower, the phone rings, it's Buildings & Grounds wanting to know when I'll be in. 10am (it was 9am at the time of the call!) Well, that's not soon enough, they've got contractors waiting to get in & check out the environmental controls that are on the fritz. So I give him my boss's cell, and continue to get ready. Phone rings again, this time it's the campus safety officer who went to let the contractors in, she's set the alarm off and can't remember how to shut it off! By this time, it's 9:15, 9 degrees outside, but I'm sweating like a pig running around!

Finally get out of the house, drive-thru the Post Office, get to the body shop to get an estimate for Wednesday's damage. While I'm waiting, I call the public safety officer. Now it's 9:40, and the contractors haven't shown up yet!! Get to work, there's a housekeeper sweeping the snow off the front stoop of the building, I thank him (otherwise I'd have to do it) and my boss walks up and gives him h@ll for not using a shovel to get to bare concrete! It's sunny out, the stuff will melt in another hour!

Now, earlier this week I heard that astrologically speaking, Mercury is ascending, so it's a good time to wrap up loose ends??? I don't know, but I am postive that cosmically speaking, I am in the shitter and desperately need to get out!

There's more, but I'm sipping my cafe mocha and thinking pleasant thoughts.

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