Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art Quilt in a Juried Exhibit! Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit

Well, I was thrilled to receive notice that one of my art quilts has been accepted to the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit!! Yippee!!

I had a jewelry piece accepted about 5 years ago, but nothing since. It is one of my new series, based on some tiny watercolor scraps that I bought from a local artist about 10 years ago, and carried around forever until January 2007, when in the period of 2 weeks I completed 10 new works!!

This particular piece is called "Contemplate" and incorporates 2 of the scraps of watercolor. The pieces of paper are actually sewn right into the quilt, and there is alot of couched yarn embellishment. I started with the watercolor squares, then layered fabrics to "complete" the picture. All the little snippets of fabric were then machine quilted, then the last step was to take some cool hand dyed yarn and sew them into the picture to give it added dimension.

I loved these 2 little pieces of paper, they looked like they were intended to be a window of some sort. I had some lovely batik fabrics that coordinated perfectly, and I just went from there. This piece is small, maybe 11" x 13". And it was juried in!! Yay!

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Ria said...

Wow! Congratulations on having your quilt accepted. It is gorgeous in the photo, I'm sure it's even prettier in real life! I can't believe how well you incorporated that paper.

Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravlery)