Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Earth-Friendly Fashion!

I finally had the time and drive to try my hand at a new style for my original clothing. I have several nice cotton sweaters from the thrift store, and some shirts that coordinate. I don't really like pullover sweaters, but I do wear alot of cardigans.

SOooo.....I started with this nice periwinkle blue cotton sweater, that I purchased from the thrift store for $2.99. It still had the store tags on it! I slit it up the front and took the ribbing off the neckline. I stay-stitched all the cut edges.

Then I took a nice blue plaid shirt in a linen/rayon blend, and cut a big ol' hunk off of it. I cut the sweater off just under the sleeves, and sewed the shirt to it. I used one of the shirt sleeves to make some bias binding for the neckline and front edges of the sweater. I wanted some type of closure, and was going to make ties, when I noticed the sleeves had tab/buttons so you could roll them up...voila! I sewed the tab and button to the front of my new cardigan!

I put the front button placket on the left side, which hangs lower than the right side. I like the diagonal hem; I think it adds interest and is a bit slimming.

Anyway, the part of the blue sweater that I cut off is destined to be sewn onto something else! More later!

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