Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy, busy week! Bicentennial Delaware city exhibit!

This week I am pulling out my hair to get the first exhibits of the fall up and running at the Ross Museum. Luckily, the director is out of state, so it's just me and the other assistant, but it is a lot of work!!

Today's Wednesday, and I have 1 of 3 shows up and finished; Linda Wesner is a local artist who does work in colored pencil and acrylics/oils, of scenes around Delaware County. Did I mention, this exhibit is for the Bicentennial of Delaware County and City. So I have 3 concurrent exhibits planned: Vintage Quilts of Delaware County, which coincides with the annual meeting of the American Quilt Study Group in October. Disappearing Landscapes of Delaware County by Linda, which coincides with the fact that Delaware County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country!! (As well as one of the top counties for home foreclosures!) and Remembering Delaware; Memorabilia from the city itself, featuring a lot of old photos, some old business signs that were rescued from demolitions over the years, stuff like that.

Right now I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed, since my daughter will be going off to college next Tuesday, and I'll be taking her, and the shows open next Thursday! Ack!!

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knitting-cat said...

Well, I was thinking of visiting and I have special food requirements and no smoking, no animals.

Have a great time.