Thursday, August 7, 2008

more Vermont!!

So, I love Vermont, have I mentioned that?? I started visiting about 10 years ago, I guess, though it doesn't seem possible it could be that long. My friends are funny and generous; aren't they cute?

My friends share their cabin with me and my daughter; it's on a beautiful lake at the top of a mountain, heavenly!!

This year, I dashed over to Concord, New Hampshire to meet a friend at the Elegant Ewe, a really lovely yarn shop. While I was there, I bought 2 skeins of Plymouth Royal Llama Silk, one in lime green for my mom, one in a very pretty blue. You got a free pattern with each purchase, and this is what it made:
They took EXACTLY one skein, I had about 3 feet leftover!! I'm giving these to my daughter, she loves the shade of blue, and I just bought myself a skein of fuschia to make my own!

I also worked on my Shell Tank from the Knitting Nature book by Norah Gaughan, I got most of the sections finished, and was about 1/3 the way through the green cable section when I came back home. I just finished all the sewing and weaving ends in today!! I like how it turned out; I lengthened the body 1" overall, because I don't want to scare people off with a glimpse of my belly, it's not nearly as pretty as the model in the book!

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