Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ohio Arts Council application - Submit!

So, I have finished my online application to the Ohio Arts Council for an Individual Creativity grant in the Design category, for my Red Panty Designs clothing! I still have to hit the "submit" button, though. Is it dumb that I'm nervous?? Really, what's the worst they can say...No! That's it, I'm sure they won't actually call me up to laugh at me where I can hear it!

I've still got to finish my swatches, sketches, design photos to mail in, but that won't take long. It's nice that I've got so many finished pieces to work from, but I realized that I don't save every single scrap, if they aren't big enough to be usable. So swatching is becoming a challenge!

Here are a few photos I've submitted with my application. My daughter is modelling some of the clothes.

It was really exciting; last Friday at the Museum, we hosted the Main Street Delaware's wine tasting event. They are the business organization for our downtown merchants. Very nice party. Anyway, I noticed a cute woman wearing one of my tops!! I didn't know her, either! I sidled up and complimented her, and she started to tell me where she'd bought it. I admitted, I was the artist. She was very sweet, she'd bought TWO of the tops!! Yay!

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