Monday, October 6, 2008

New REfashioned Sweater knits!

I promised photos of some of my new pieces, and here they are! Linda, the gallery owner, and Marti her assistant were kind enough to model for me, since it's not as attractive to model while you try to photograph yourself!

I really love these pieces, and this time I took some photos of the "raw" materials I started out with, to give a before & after view.

This top was a short sleeved black sweater and a really cute little skirt; I added some extra linen that had white flowers embroidered on it.


This top was a J Jill t shirt, and a plaid skirt!

These 2 sweaters looked good together, so I cut them up and mixed them back together, with a brown linen skirt on the left, and both have orange corduroy bias from a soft men's shirt

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