Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ross Museum recycled Exhibit!

I believe I mentioned I had driven to Brooklyn and back in 48 hours to pick up artwork for the next exhibit at the museum. Well, we opened last week, and I think it looks fabulous!

The exhibit is our response to the National Colloquium theme "Cultivating a Green Campus". (for more information, you should go to the Ohio Wesleyan University site!) The colloquium sponsors a campus wide topic each year, and every department tries to relate something to it. Anyway, I got to curate our exhibit, and found 5 women artists who all work with recycled materials!

The first is Chakaia Booker, represented by the Marlborough Gallery, she works with steel belted radial tires and makes these incredible sculptures. We got 4 of her very small pieces; her work is really incredible!

We also are exhibiting Aurora Robson, who just got back from months in Texas, installing a gigantic sculpture for Rice University. She uses recycled plastic water bottles (think "Dasani") and this is the result! (this piece is dangling above my head in the gallery skylight!)

I also invited Francesca Vitali, otherwise known as Frucci on Etsy, and Hayley Muse Rupersburg, known as Museglass on Etsy. They have the most incredible jewelry! Frucci's is recycled paper from junk mail and shopping bags, and Museglass recycled produce containers and bags, sandwiching them between glass!

The final artist is a fellow Ravelry cohort, Lyne Kearns from New Zealand. She had approached me on Ravelry when she saw my ravatar "redpanties" and so she made me my very own Red Panty handbag, from recycled ladies panties!! I am making her a red panty quilt in return.

Sometimes I really love my job!

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