Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Solo show of Art Quilts!

this time on campus here at Ohio Wesleyan, at Mowry Alumni Center! The Director asked if I'd be interested, and although I hesitated, I said yes, and now it's up for the summer!

Mowry is just around the corner from the museum, which also has a great exhibit of art quilts til July. I love the wall color and the setting, the quilts look really great. They are hung in the Lobby, then up the Grand Staircase on the second floor, and there's one tucked in over the fireplace in the Monnett Room, and 2 in the conference room.

We'll probably wait until September for a formal reception, but you are all welcome to see them early! Mowry is open daily during the week from about 9 til 4pm.

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