Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New House means lots of work!

In amongst the creative endeavors, I must make time to move! I do not like the physical moving, very difficult, but it must be done. This week I have dropped off 1 car load of things each day. Saturday, the parents came over and took 3 loads in the pickup, which sounds like a lot, but isn't a drip in the bucket.

I've got 2 more gallons of paint ready to use; Iced Lemonade (yellow for the kitchen) and Jericho (green for the dining room). The tan/gray color in the middle is Ashen, and I've already painted the living room that color.

I've decided not to paint the den; since it won't be my sewing room, it will take on a slightly more masculine air. I've got 3 white bookshelves in place to accept carloads of books. In our current home, we have a WALL of bookshelves, built-in on either side of the fireplace....I'm really going to miss them!

However, in consolation, I now have command of the Barn! YES!! The ART BARN! It is about 28 feet by 16 feet, I believe, and very tall. Heated and airconditioned, super great! Most of what we moved on Saturday was bins and more bins of yarn and fabric.

The walls are corrugated stuff, maybe fiberglass, I'm not sure. I'll need to figure out a way to surround myself with beauty, or it's going to look very garage-y! Someone asked me today if I'm planning a vacation this summer, and while I'm not going anywhere, I'll be busy!

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amadi_construction said...

In colour therapy, green is the colour of healing and growth. It’s calming and restful and brings balance to the soul......it’s also a lucky colour! Good luck