Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attack of the Sewing Room!! or Organizing your Sewing Space

I WISH I had taken a "Before" picture of my sewing room, but, well, imagine all this stuff:

In this tiny space!! Saturday I took everything out of my tiny little sewing room and tossed it in the living room. You couldn't tell there was a floor, everything was just piled everywhere! The room is only 10 Feet 3 inches square! I know, that's more space than a lot of people have. But I definately need to re-organize and get rid of stuff. I've been picking at the piles; I am selling a bunch of books and yarn on ebay, I gave some cotton fabric to a friend who sews clothing, I've got a bag earmarked for a church group who makes quilts for babies in the hospital....you get the idea! I took one white bookcase out of the room and moved my table over. The problem with regular bookshelves is they are not quite deep enough for anything other than books.

I'm weeding out so much, and determined not to put anything back into the space. I store alot of my fabrics in the basement in tubs. However, since my daughter went to college this year, she and I have pretty much destroyed the basement space. So, as I'm trying to clean up the living room I have to sort thru the crap in the basement, too! What a disaster!

Stay tuned for updates!

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knitting-cat said...

Oh MY!! Look at all that stuff!!!!

Sounds like you are making progress.