Thursday, September 4, 2008

more on Ohio Arts Council!!

So I have submitted my online application to the Ohio Arts Council, and now must deliver my support materials. These include swatches and sketches of the designs, so I've spent 2 days doing Presentation sheets. I think they turned out pretty well!!

I think I have 6...maybe 7 sheets altogether. It's difficult, because I don't usually sketch at this point. For these designs, I have my fullsize pattern, and just go for it. I never know for sure how much usable fabric I'll be able to salvage from each thrift shop garment, so my original design "plan" could change several times as I'm piecing together the different elements.

I do sketch out garment designs when I'm using "new" cloth, especially if I'm doing fancywork: applique, quilting, piecing, etc. In that case, I normally have a large supply of raw materials at hand, and few worries about coming up short, or needing to cut around a stain or hole!

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feltmeup designs said...

Good luck with your application. They look great! Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog and for linking me... will be linking you forthwith!

Fingers crossed for you!