Monday, September 15, 2008

Remnants of Hurricane Ike...Yikes!

I live in where NEAR the hurricane zone. But last night we apparently got the remnants of Ike in the form of winds....50, 60, up to 70mph. Honestly, we didn't even have any rain with in the world do people refuse to evacuate? How do they bear it? And don't even ask me to imagine what it must be like for Texans today, because I can't possibly wrap my mind around it.

We've been without power since 6pm last night...just our end of the development, the people to our left still have lights on (bitches!) I ran to Speedway at 6:30am to get coffee and donuts. We did watch from our garage last night as pieces of our trees came punched a hole in the eaves, but luckily didn't damage the main part of the roof.

We felt and heard the 2 transformers just across from us blow; that's when we lost power. Luckily I have an excellent Hello Kitty battery-powered lantern! Well, we're not alone, I know, and I'm grateful to live so close to work, where my office still has power and internet!!

I do know 1 of the buildings on campus has been deemed "off limits" because there are live power wires draped across homework for those lucky students! When I spoke with my daughter last night, her college dorm was also without power. She lives 1 1/2 hours to the north, and could see several large trees down, too.

I'm just thankful that we suffered no major damage, and that barring a few things in the freezer, we didn't lose anything. My heart goes out to the millions who have lost so much!

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knitting-cat said...

Glad the Hello Kitty Lantern worked for you. I love mine. It was windy here but not like there.

Glad that you are all safe.