Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sewing Room Re-Organization - Part Two

It has been, what, 10 days since I dragged all the !&*(% from my sewing room and dumped it in the living room. Since then, I've worked, visited my daughter at college, and picked at the piles of stuff. It's been harder to work on this week, since we're still waiting for our electricity to come back on, but I do have an hour or so in the morning before I go to work where there is enough daylight to see what I'm doing.

Here are some photos of my living room as of today....the couch is clear! The chairs are at least visible, and you can now get from the kitchen to the hallway without fearing for your life, even in the dark!

The sewing room got a bit of a rearrangement, and may yet again, I haven't settled on a layout yet, but you can still see the floor, you can open AND shut the door completely, and once the power comes back on it will be much easier to sew!

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knitting-cat said...

Nice job so far. If you come to Vermont, we have power.